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I knew G's partner and k ew he was a person of integrity. That was very important to me. He and James exceeded our expectations for sale price and delivered on it

Awesome!!! pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable about the industry, very effective and efficient.

Really enjoyed working with G and his partner, James McLeod. Great guys and made the process of buying a home super easy, and dare I say fun! Really glad we had them in our corner with us.

My husband and I have worked with G Brown in buying and selling several homes. He is knowledgeable, reliable, and enjoyable to work with. G was invaluable during the the settlement inspection. He found many items that needed attention - many that I would have missed. He even called the construction manager to express his concern over some of the unacceptable work on the house we were building. I would not hesitate to work with G in the future. I would highly recommend him.

Bruce Mork was outstanding in all aspects of the preparation, selling our house. He is the perfect realtor!

Outstanding work ethic, very informative and made the sale of my home painless.

G. and Drew I apologize for the delay in responding to this survey. I seldom check this e-mail account for notices, etc., so I did not return this survey in a timely manner. This oversight on my part should NOT be taken as any negative reflection on your performance of the service that the two of you rendered to us. Thank you both for an excellent job very well done.

E. Gerald went far beyond normal measures to ensure the house being ready for viewing and concluding the sale. Both Mr. Brown and his associate, Drew, were excellent in every possible facet of this sale.

Seasoned professional that understands market dynamics and will go out of his way to help out. It was a pleasure.

I can't add a thing to what has already been stated in the remarks section of this survey. As long as Coldwell has people like Gerald Brown ("G") and team member Jay Parrish, working to get the customer the very best attention and guidance in the home buying experience , you will have my vote for a realtor to trust to get the job done right! G's attention to detail, especially in regards to the proper documentation required and the nuances of using just the right "wording" to protect his client is second to none. Very happy with G as my realtor and would highly recommend him to anyone either buying or selling a home.

G. Brown is beyond wonderful. I have been delighted by his warm, gracious personality which was a pleasure to work with. He has been exceptionally understanding of my needs, and responsive to any and every concern I had along the way. He also has a wonderful team. Drew Fristoe is professional and efficient and a great compliment to G. I could not have been happier working with G. Brown and Drew Fristoe. I appreciate all they did for me. They certainly went way beyond what was necessary to help me accomplish the sale of my property. They get my highest recommendation. G. Brown is one of the most kind and gracious men I have ever worked with.

I previously worked with Jay Parrish in a professional setting and knew of his integrity and character. Jay was patient and professional throughout the sale. He was a great advocate for me!

This has been my second time using G Brown to purchase a property and as usual he has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home. Thanks again G!

Drew......was EXCELLENT...infinite and beyond....

If you want a Real Estate agent that will do a great job, get Gerald Brown.

I felt well-advised by E. I felt well-advised by "G" and certainly cared for...more as a friend than a client. I've recommended him to several friends based on his professionalism, his knowledge, and his charm. "G" and Drew I felt very well-advised and cared for by "G" Brown. He was exceedingly patient with me. I know I can be stubborn. He respected me and guided me more like a friend than a client. I have recommended him to friends based on his knowledge, experience, and not leastly, his personality and charm. I think he and Drew Fristoe make an excellent team. I wish I had more land to sell! g